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Kid's pedal sulky cart for sale

miniature Horse Cartminiature Horse Cart

Model No:  CHCS-110

1.Small-sized cart with wood horse.
2.It can go ahead or back up by pedal.
3.The color of main cart assembly is Red with white stripe.
4.It is a good present for 4-10 child.


Great For fun!!!

* Play time
* Family rides
* Fun and exercise in one
* Camp ground transportation
* Fund raisers
* Grand parent/Grand child rides
* Street fairs
* Block club cook-outs
* Racing for fun
* Poker runs
* Parades
* Publicity rides
* Rental rides

Kid's pedal sulky cart Features.

*Length 65”
*Width 30”
*Seat Width 14 ½”
*Tire size 16 x 2.125
*Tiresexcellent all condition knobby tires, full-tread shoulder for comfortable cornering and stable ride.
*Durable Steel Spoke Chrome 16” heavy-duty wheels.
*16 Spokes
*Tough High Quality Tubular Steel Frame
*Electrostatic Lead Free Paint
*Hand Carved Wood Body
*Padded Cushion Seat with wood lacquered seat back
*Harness – Strong vinyl coated nylon harness with elastic.
*Heavy hardware, attaches to the spring loaded center wheel for self-centering and tight turning radiuses.
*Fleece covered breast collar and shadow roll.
*1 Speed Chain & Sprocket drive w/ forward and reverse with safety approved chain guard.
*Slip resistant pedals with reflectors.

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