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Do you know the descriptions of each of the following horses?

1.   American Miniature Horse cannot exceed 34 inches in height.
2.   American Paint Horse features overo, tobiano or tovero coat patterns.
3.   American Quarter Horse is bred to run quarter mile races.
4.   Arabian Horses is the oldest light breed.
5.   Appaloosa Horse possess spotted coat pattern, mottled skin, white eye sclera and striped hooves.
6.   Friesian Horses are war horses from the Middle Ages.
7.   Hackney Horses are small carriage horses.
8.   Missouri Fox trotter Horses are known for its smooth four beat gait.
9.   Morgan Horses were bred by the U.S. army for stamina and strength.
10. Paso Fino Horses were developed in Puerto Rico.
11. Percheron Horses are a breed of black or gray draft horses.
12. Rocky Mountain Horses area a gaited breed developed in Appalachia.
13. Tennessee Walking Horses are famous for its smooth running walk and rocking chair canter.
14. Thoroughbred Horses are known for its racing and jumping abilities.

Do you know which cart fit for my horse.

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