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Cinderella Carriages ,Cinderella horse Carriages

Cinderella Carriages ,Cinderella horse Carriages for sale:
It is really good model for the wedding .if you want to buy one wedding carriage ,we recommend you the following:

Model No: MTCG-190

1.structure: good quality steel board, steel tube, square steel.
2.surface: auto metallic paint ,same as car surface
3. seat: front 2 peopel, rear 2-4 people.
4. Steering System: rotating disc Steering System
5. Brake: foot brake hydraulic system
6. suspension: use automobile spring steel, each with 5 pcs spring
7. wheel axle: bearing hub and axle
8. rim: steel tube spoke and steel rim
9. tire: rubber air tire

See the pictures :

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