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The development modes of horse industry in American and German [ September 9th, 2013 ] Posted in » horse industry

According to the current situation of the development of the international horse industry, its development mode are mainly two kinds of horse events and horse products.  There  are so many activities for the development of  horse events, such as relaxing ride mode , horse racing business mode, equestrian business modes, etc.; while the horse product development mode horse industry is the main mode.

1, United States - Recreational riding horse industry mode

The contribution of Horse industry to the United States is far more than the railways, radio and television, which has enormous affection on employment and other social benefits and  the financial income ,even  on the other economic contributions .In the United States, the main mode of development of  the  horse industry is a recreational riding ,with the data shows that 43 percent of American horses are for Recreational riding.which greatly improve the quality of civilizations’s life and  meet people’s spiritual needs.Now the horses are not for farming or transportation any more .The most typical representative of the regions as “the world’s horses” is Kentucky.

Recreational riding horse industry activities are Athletics competition, performances and other activities , which are  mainly held in the city, while the horse are mostly feed in rural areas.

The biggest advantage of this operation is that it can provide  many employment Opportunities for the people in rural areas and provide  the city residents the great entertainment ,  which is a win-win action.

2, Germany - equestrian business mode

Germany has a special Equestrian Association, being very systemtic,.It  is divided into four levels from top to bottom like pyramid distribution, of which  the highest top organization is the German Equestrian Association. The most typical source characteristics of German equestrian sport is that it  is very popular among with women..There are more than 70% of members are women, while men accounted for less than 30%.

H&S have developed more carts

H&S horse cart have developed more carts in the recent days.There have good market both in China and the other countries.More and more people love to drive cart for different purpose.

Now H&S horse cart invest much money and time to develop more cart to meet the customers requirement.And H&S will update the website in recent days and will lauch the other new website for customers review.

We welcome any person or company to contact us ,if any interested in our cart or want to build new carts styles.

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Shetland Pony carriage

There have many models carriages for Shetland Pony .If you are finding Shetland pony carriage ,We are now recommend H&S horse cart.H&S Have both two wheeled cart and carriage for Shetland Pony.

If you do not know which models size for your Shetland Pony ,please tell us the size of Shetland Pony.H&S will give the right size model for your Shetland pony.

Also H&S Horse cart carry for:

Miniatures / Shetlands / Donkeys / Small Ponies
Carriages built in our workshop to your individual specification
Exercise – Pleasure Showing – Indoor Driving Trials – Scurry

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Pony Marathon Carriage

Are you find  marathon carriage for your pony ?

Now we recommend H&S Marathon carriage. There have many models for your pony.H&S help many people from U.S,Canada,Australia,England,France,Spain,Germany,Chile,Korea,Japan etc.,So please tell us your pony size ,No mater what size your pony have .We could build and give the right model for your choice.And all of our horse carriage have single shaft and poles for pair.Also air tires or solid rubber wheels for your driving. Custom color paint.etc.,

For more models and details ,please visit our website:

And contact throgh

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Comfortable horse carriage driving

Horse carriage driving is really good time for pleasure.If you have a good experience for this .Maybe you could invite more people to join.And if you have no experience for driving horse carriage ,If so, you may want to consider learning to drive a carriage–just for fun–or you may even want to start a carriage driving business. The good driving school will teach you.

At first ,you could attend two days Beginner’s Carriage Driving Class.You can learn basic horsemanship, horse handling and management, the proper use of vocal and reins commands, maintaining control of the horse, horse management etc.,
After you learned horse carriage driving,you will select a quiet horse which is necessary to ensure your safety and any passengers.Then you could train your horse for drive,for the details:How to Train a horse to dirve a cart

The most for Comfortable horse carriage driving is safter. Make sure you leave a wide space when going around corners or passing cars or other vehicles.If you have passengers in the carriage, their safety depends on you.So must make sure your driving is safe.if you think you feel it is comfortable driving,That is good for your life.Hope every driver have a Comfortable horse carriage driving.

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How to Train a horse to dirve a cart

Most horses can be trained to drive a cart .Some are really good at pulling cart .Especially for the minis ,The minis are not good for riding horses .But it is really good to be trained to pull a cart.

Driving a horse cart is really good experience for enjoy .For some children ,they like to pull by mini horse cart.

But for some starter ,They alway want to know how to train my horse to pull cart.The following tips can be for reference:

1.Choose the right horse to train.make sure that your horse is older than two years.It is good if you could find an older horse.
2.Find a good cart for training.For the starter ,you could find two wheel horse cart.
3.It is important that you have good relationship with your horse.You need to trust your horse for training.
4.your horse should fully understand these commands,such as whoa, easy, walk, trot, etc. It is best to have the horse lunging and responding reliably to your requests before you begin to drive your could give lunging training before driving training.
5.Prepare good harness for your horse.If you can afford expensive harness ,please buy and use for your horse.If you know an experienced person ,please ask and he or she will show you exactly how to fit a harness to an individual horse.
6.Ground drive the horse until you are confident that your horse can understands what you want your horse to do.It is better to do not attach any vehicle at this point.Just pulled with the full harness.
7.Please spend enough time to ground driving.If your horse can understand how to move forward,stop and stand still for long period time .Please let your horse see the other horse pulled a cart .And Pull the cart around your horse so that horse can hear the noise it makes. Let your horse smell of it and become completely familiar with it.Your horse will get the idea of a large object following it.Please not hitch up the cart at this time.
8.Find a friend or two one day when your horse is comfortable being between the cart shafts.(If not ,please repeat many times.) Hitch the cart up.And just try your horse to pll the cart ,please donot get in the cart.
9.Drive it around until you feel your horse is comfortable with the idea of pulling the cart. Do not actually step into the cart until you are sure the horse is quiet and at-ease with this new setup.
10.wearing a helmet, and always have a friend nearby in case assistance is needed.Stay within a confined area such as an arena so that if the horse bolts with the cart, it won’t be able to run far or out into traffic.Pleae repeat many times before go into the road traffic.

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The Royal Windsor Horse Show

The Royal Windsor Horse Show: its 70th year in 2013 dates are 8th – 12th May. It has been held in Windsor since 1943 when it was started to raise funds for World War II.It is the largest outdoor equestrian event in the UK with more than 3,000 horses and ponies taking part in 250 jumping, showing and carriage driving classes.

Tickets:Tickets for 2013 will be on sale later this year. You can also book tickets in person at Windsor Information Centre, The Old Booking Hall, Windsor Royal Shopping.No dogs permitted on the showground.

This is a great family day out for horse lovers as well as fans of royal spectacle. Windsor Home Park is the Queen’s back yard, so Windsor Castle is the backdrop - and the Queen herself has been known to take part in the carriage driving competition. Her horses are usually entered in the showing classes.
Events include the Land Rover Carriage Driving Grand Prix, national and international Show Jumping competitions, dressage and polo as well has other showing classes and equestrian demonstrations.

There are three show arenas, hundreds of shops, a food and drink festival, a fun fair, a 4X4 course and more. This ticket is exceptionally good value. And, if you buy through the website, it’s even cheaper.

The following is 2012 show:

Appaloosas M&M - Connemara & Highland Ridden Hunters - Working Hunters
Best Turned Out Trooper M&M - Dales & Fells Ridden Sports Horse
BHS Instructors Challenge - Dressage M&M - Exmoor & Dartmoor Riding Horses
BHS Instructors Challenge - Showjumping M&M - In Hand Championships Service Teams SJ - Parade and Prize Giving
BRC Champs - Dressage 07:30 - 08:30 M&M - Lead Rein & First Ridden Service Teams SJ - Phase 1
BRC Champs - Dressage 08:30 - 09:30 M&M - New Forest Service Teams SJ - Phase 2
BRC Champs - Dressage 09:30 - Finish M&M - Shetlands Show Hunter Lead Rein
BRC Champs - Junior Intermediate SJ M&M - Welsh Cobs Show Hunter Ponies
BRC Champs - Junior Novice SJ M&M - Welsh Ponies Show Ponies - Championships
BRC Champs - Senior Intermediate SJ M&M - Working Hunter Ponies Show Ponies - Lead Rein & First Ridden
BRC Champs - Senior Novice SJ M&M Ridden - Large Breeds Show Ponies - Novices
BRC Champs Dressage Presentations M&M Ridden - Small Breeds Show Ponies - Open
Coloured - In Hand M&M Ridden Champs Showjumping - 7 & 8 Year Old Champs
Coloured - Ridden Meet of Hounds Showjumping - A & B (Fri)
Driving - Grand Prix Miniatures Showjumping - A & B (Thurs)
Driving - Hackneys PC Games - Castle Arena(Fri) Showjumping - Azerbaijan Stakes
Driving - Light Trade PC Games - Castle Arena(Sat) Showjumping - B & C (Fri)
Driving - Meet of the BDS PC Games - Castle Arena(Thurs) Showjumping - B & C (Wed)
Driving - Presentation of Awards PC Games - Copper Ring (Fri) Showjumping - Foxhunter(1)
Driving - RDA PC Games - Copper Ring (Sat) Showjumping - Foxhunter(2)
Haflingers PC Games - Final Showjumping - Grade A (Fri)
Inter Hunt Relay PC Games - Frogmore(Thurs) Showjumping - Grand Prix
Inter Schools Showjumping Polo Showjumping - Land Rover Open
Intermediate SRT & SHT Pony Club Showjumping Showjumping - Olympic Star Spotters
Jubilee Pageant - Friday daytime Pony Club Tetrathlon Showjumping - Six Bar
Jubilee Pageant - Friday Evening Portuguese & Spanish Breeds Showjumping - Speed Stakes
Jubilee Pageant - NZ Marching Band Racehorses Showjumping - Walwyn Novice
Jubilee Pageant - Sat Daytime RDA Fancy Dress Side Saddle - Concours
Jubilee Pageant - Sunday Daytime Ridden Arabs - Part Bred & Anglo Side Saddle - Costume Concours
Jubilee Pageant - Sunday Evening Ridden Hunters - Amateurs SKill at Arms
Jubilee Pageant - Thurs Daytime Ridden Hunters - Cuddy 4 Year Olds Specials
Jubilee Pageant - Thurs Evening View 1 Ridden Hunters - Cuddy Championships Tent Pegging
Jubilee Pageant - Thurs Evening View 3 Ridden Hunters - Cuddy Weights Veterans - In Hand
Jubilee Pageant - Wed Evening View 1 Ridden Hunters - Ladies Veterans - Ridden
Jubilee Pageant - Wed Evening View 2 Ridden Hunters - Novices Working Hunter Ponies
Ladies Side Saddle Ridden Hunters - Smalls

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How to care and Maintenance horse carriage

Most carriages horse drivers love their driving .The carriage horses need to be care and maintain ,also the horse carriage is too. It is really good and nice habits to do this as a regular care .Sometimes you will find some horse carriages part and places which is need to be replace or repaired .Just like most of our cars and vehicles need to be a good maintenance.And it is very important to let you and your horses safe in your life. The following tip care and Maintenance horse carriage maybe for your reference.

1.Cleaning your horse carriages,will prevent every painted surface part. Please clean every mud, dirt, grit and sand with enough water.Using cleaning agent to clean oil stain ,especially to check your spring and hubs on your carriages.If you think it is not easy to clean ,many you could find cleaning store to help you .

2.Tighten the wheel rim if necessary.if the wheels are running freely ,if do not know solve this problem ,you could find an expert solve this problem.If you know how to take the hub parts off , or you are a good specialist ,just clean and give some oil if necessary.

3.Check all the carriages parts very carefully,sometimes you need to check more than two times if you have long time no maintenance. The axles,shafts, Pole,seats ,spring,turntable etc., all these parts need to be check carefully.

4.Please pull the oil into recess of  the hub cap ,of course ,you need to remove the caps before your pulling oil.These oil will lubricate all the parts inside the hub.

5.Please take care where is your horse carriage placing. Be sure put your horse carriage into a good dry place.All the metal parts are easy to rust with dampness.Please put the carriages cover if you have.

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How to choose the right horse carriage size

When you start to buy horse carriage for your horse driving .That is very important to buy the the right horse carriage size.If buying the wrong size , the accident will occur and will  harm to the person and horse.

First need to get the right model of horse carriage for carriage driving .There have pleasure carriage , competition carriage ,showing carriage and wedding carriage in the market.

Second,you need to measure the horse or pony or miniature size.The height of horses is measured at the highest point of the withers( the ridge between the shoulder blades of a four-legged mammal), where the neck meets the back. This point is used because it is a stable point of the anatomy, unlike the head or neck, which move up and down in relation to the body of the horse.You could see the picture details on the belowing:

The third ,you choose the right carriage for your horse.H&S have horse carriage,pony carriage ,miniature carriage .Also have two wheeler and four wheeler .So you want to buy one or resale,please feel free contact H&S sales department :

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Do you love horse carriage

Many people know they love horse . horse is really good animal .When I ask some people why you love horse ?

beautiful ,very intelligent ,big friendly animals .
perfect, loving, majestic, fast,elegant ,love them just love myself.

But many many do not know why  love horse carriage. Just for fun or it is really like this romantic horse-drawn carriage ride .

Love + Marriage = Horse + Carriage ?  when you seat on the wedding carriage ,that you will know this .

Do you want to start to buy your own horse carriage? We are many models horse carriages for your choice .please visit H&S website and choose the right one.

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