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1.Bullock Cart --the following China old bullock cart

arabian horse cart

Introduction of Bullock cart

The bullock cart (also known as a bullock wagon or bullock team) is a common means of transportation used traditionally since ancient times in many parts of the world. They are still used today where modern cars are too expensive or the infrastructure does not favor them. Bullock from the old englishfor castrated male cattle.

2.Barouche or Barouchette

adult horse cart

Introduction of Barouche or Barouchette

A barouche, developed from the calash of the 18th century,[1] was a fashionable type of horse-drawn carriage in the 19th century. It was a four-wheeled, shallow vehicle with two double seats inside, arranged so that the sitters on the front seat faced those on the back seat. It had a collapsible half-hood folding like a bellows over the back seat and an outside box seat high in front for the driver. The entire carriage was suspended on C springs. It was drawn by a pair of high-quality horses and was used principally for leisure driving in the summer. A light barouche was a barouchet or barouchette.


3.Berlin coach---

adult robot cart

Introduction of Barouche or Barouchette

The Berlin Coach, invented around 1660 in the Prussian capital city of Berlin, is another standout. The one on display always reminded us of what Cinderella's coach would look like -- large wheels in back, gilded wood carriage decorated with reclining figures and little cupids. The coachman would sit up front (probably hoping for good weather). To be honest, not every carriage is a work of art. We marveled at the stage coaches, or rather the people who rode them -- mainly because of the uncomfortable, bumpy ride they clearly endured. These coaches were designed to cram in an astounding number of people. On the roof, inside the coach, even (it seemed) hanging over the sides. These vehicles aren't gorgeous, but they took the early settlers where they needed to go.



Introduction of britzka

A britzka (also spelled brichka or britska) is a type of horse-drawn carriage. It was a long, spacious carriage with four wheels, with a folding top over the rear seat and a rear-facing front seat. Pulled by two horses, it had a place in front for the driver. It was so constructed as to give space for reclining at night, when used on a journey. Its size made it suitable for use as a 19th century equivalent to a motorhome, as it could be adapted with all manner of conveniences (beds, dressing tables and so on) for the traveller. These carriages were a common site outside many prestigious blackpool hotels, reserved purely for those of the higher class.The great railway engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel used a britzka as his travelling office while surveying the route of the Great Western Railway, carrying with him his drawing board, outline plans, engineering instruments, fifty of his favourite cigars and a pull-out bed. The term is a variant of the Polish term bryczka, a "little cart", from bryka, "cart", possibly coming into English via sevaral ways, including German britschka and Russian brichka.



Introduction of Brougham

Invented for Scottish jurist Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, or simply made fashionable by his example, a brougham (pronounced "broom" or "brohm") was a light, four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage built in the 19th century.[1] It had an enclosed body with two doors, like the rear section of a coach; it sat two, sometimes with an extra pair of fold-away seats in the front corners, and with a box seat in front for the driver and a footman or passenger. Unlike a coach, the carriage had a glazed front window, so that the occupants could see forward. The forewheels were capable of turning sharply. A variant, called a brougham-landaulet, had a top collapsible from the rear doors backward.[2] In the 1930s, a brougham was a two-door sedan, especially one electrically driven. The term was also applied to a vehicle similar to a limousine but with an outside seat in front for the chauffeur and an enclosed cabin behind for the passengers.



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